Fighter Foundation – Singapore’s only syllabised beginner boxing program.

Discover your potential in the sport of boxing with real boxing skills in a squad of just four trainees.

Ideal for those with no boxing experience, you’ll be ready to join our Main Gym and further hone your skills in just four weeks.
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Started boxing as a complete beginner and I've absolutely no regrets starting this journey here at Renegade Boxing. They have great facilities and all that, but most importantly, the coaches here (Coach Marcus and Coach Julian) are warm, friendly, and dedicated. They've always been attentive, and constantly go the extra mile to share helpful tips or answer any queries that I might have.

Come down and give this place a shot! It's absolutely worth it.
Joel C.
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My experience at Renegade over the past three months have been both fulfilling and satisfying. Enrolled in the Fighter Foundation Program, I've found the workouts and techniques taught to be beginner-friendly and of great quality. Coaches Marcus and Julian are warm, friendly, and always happy to stay back after class to answer any queries we might have.

If you'd like to explore boxing, Renegade is a good place to start. You won't be disappointed!
Z. Kaizen
Z. Kaizen
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Definitely a conducive environment to learn the proper mechanics and techniques of boxing. I haven't been boxing for awhile and trying out the Fighter Foundation program the gym offers really help in cementing the basics again and improving on my weaknesses.

Coaches Marcus and Julian are very accomodating and will always do their best, even out of their way, to guide and have a better understanding in the sweet science of boxing. Kudos!
Anthony Varian Jesse
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Had a good workout here. Cozy space and friendly instructors.
Alvin Tan
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A great place to workout! Definitely value for money. Staffed by dedicated trainers who customise your workout and are invested in your progress and transformation.

Every workout with Marcus has been a rewarding experience and I can see myself moving closer to my fitness goals with Renegade Boxing.
Hue Ng
Hue Ng
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I've never had workouts that make me so tired but so satisfied at the same time. Coach Julian and Coach Marcus manage to come up with programs that challenge even an experienced and competitive athlete like me.

Feels great for me to train my fitness and my mobility, coming from someone who has a history of strain, sprains and jumpers knee.
Teh En, Matthias
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Most fun I’ve ever had working out. Great gym overall
Seng Thiam Chu
Seng Thiam Chu
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The instructors are friendly. The training program is structured yet not repetitive. Clear demonstration is given prior to each set. The gym is spacious as compared to similar studios. Their pricing is competitive too 👍🏼
Sean Quek
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An amazing place to start your boxing journey! Coach Marcus and Coach Julian are talented, experienced and dedicated trainers who always do their best to make every session effective and fun!
John Tan
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Affordable, friendly gym with tons of space for a proper workout. I was looking for something different to achieve my fitness goals and the trainers here are really enthusiastic and knowledgable. Thumbs up!
Durp Turdle
Durp Turdle
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Great gym for boxing and fitness. Trainers are experienced and friendly. Every training session is fun and effective.
Michael Lim
Michael Lim
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Amazing facilities and concept. Always look forward to working out there. 👍🏻




Our proven regimen of boxing drills, and high-intensity cardio will give you tangible results.

Journeys are more manageable if you have a map. In Fighter Foundation, our syllabus ensures that each session reinforces and builds on what you have learned before.

We cover the basics of footwork, offense, defense, and counterpunching, giving you a solid grounding in the essentials of the sweet science.



Never train alone.

Fighter Foundation courses are taught in squads of 4 so that you can support each other and progress as a team.

Experience the motivation as you improve in skill and fitness with your squadmates through each fun and challenging session.

Join us and bond with your training partners in a way you’ll rarely find in other boxing gyms.








Awaken your inner warrior and change your life with us!

Begin your boxing journey by booking an Introductory Trial for just $20 which goes towards the program rate upon signing up.

Our next program commences on the week of:
14 November 2022
3 Spots Left!



Fighter Foundation is suitable for those who have never boxed before and want to safely hone their boxing technique in a syllabised program.

You’ll learn boxing fundamentals such as proper punch form, defense and footwork that will prepare you for our Main Gym Technique classes.
Your trial begins with a warm-up followed by getting your hands wrapped.

Our coaches will then give you a tutorial on the boxing stance, basic movement, and punching technique followed by a few rounds on the pads .

The trial ends with a short strengthening circuit and cool-down.
All you need is workout attire, athletic shoes and a water bottle – we’ll provide the rest.
You’ll need your own boxing gloves and hand wraps for all Foundation classes. A pair of handwraps are given at sign-up and we sell boxing gloves in our retail store.
Each squad is capped at 4 trainees to ensure that you have sufficient attention and camaraderie at the start of your boxing journey.
Fighter Foundation classes will be held regularly twice a week, decided based on the schedule of everyone in the squad. We will give you more details on class scheduling when you attend the trial.
Given the flexibility of Fighter Foundation scheduling, we do not offer prorated make-ups, even if you must miss days due to travel, work, etc.

You should try as far as possible to commit to all 8 sessions to reap the full benefit of the program.
After you complete Fighter Foundation, you will be eligible to sign up for a Main Gym membership and participate in all classes (except sparring) to progress further in your boxing journey.
No, the Fighter Foundation syllabus does not prepare you for sparring. If you have a desire to spar, do let our coaches know.

To ensure your safety and prevent unnecessary injury, we require you to commit to training within the main gym for at least 2 – 3 months before our coaches assess your proficiency to start sparring.



Need to know more about our program beyond the FAQs?

Shoot us your question(s) below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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